Don't let sex discrimination in your chicken coop

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Separate the chicken group by sex, feeding is an effective management method, doing this can improve the fertilization rate and can make the cock maintain a healthy weight. Although this is obvious, but in the past few decades, people have not to research this to meet the need of chicken fast growth feeding system give enough attention. Now, a new kind of rooster feeding system provides a solution.

   Chicken are the common human breeding poultry, chicken way of sex determination, unlike humans, belong to ZW type, namely in females have two different ZW sex chromosomes and males have two same type sex chromosomes ZZ. Work we often see the human diet life because of the different gender have obvious distinguish, in fact, the same is true of chickens, the hen and a cock on the environmental requirements of diet are quite different, differentiate to help chickens grow better.

      Traditional birdhouse design can fully meet the needs of the hen, but almost no considering the much needed to supply the cock space and feed pipeline, because of the limitation of space, overcrowding in the process of feeding chickens, all chickens cannot be at peace. Study found that the ferocious cock food intake than itself needs, and the weak some cock is unable to get enough to feed the need, leading to uneven rooster weight and mating rate is low.

Separate the chicken group by sex, is an effective management method and can improve the fertilization rate, but also make the cock maintain a healthy weight. In the past few decades, however, people don't research this to meet the need of the cock growth feeding system give enough attention. Kaleter in yulin technology has been committed to the common development of global partners, by the margin in China agent VDL chain of feed system, which has solved this lasting historical problems. VDL chain have enjoyed a high reputation in the feeding system, the system is composed of high quality and durable material, the chain system can be applied to all types of birdhouse, easy to use and maintenance. The whole transporting chain kept a mixture of all kinds of feed composition, promote eat poultry, prevent selectivity for the material. Chain feeding system suitable for vertical or suspension type, strong winch motor system enables pendant chain feeding system become the choice of many customers.

Hanging chain hen feeding system

   In order to face and solve the above problem, try the chute fixed on the side wall of the hen house, feeding chain into V, presented at the bottom is flat groove, thus can greatly improve the chicken group behavior and production performance. Choose the method of spiral note material into the trough, pipe type has a lot of special shape hole at the bottom of the trough, ensure the screw feeder feed evenly distributed. Feeding time, equipped with feed feed trough was winch transport down, rising pipe in the tank to eat chicken, all the cock can eat at the same time, and every bird has a spacious space, avoid due to steal food fight.


Write the cock - Martrix groove feeding system

Grab all the cocks are no longer gobble eat, but very lovely straight line arrangement, uniformity of feeding. Flat bottom tank to aggressive rooster to spend more time to eat, they can't eats a lot of food, out the other chicken has lost its meaning, only from the bottom of the router to eat into his mouth, can obtain the same amount of food, the chute with special limited feeding, rooster makes all the cock the meal time is consistent and the amount of intake was similar.

The rooster limited feeding

       In the long run, than the cock for more time, the hen can also be quiet and eating is disturbed by the cock. Normally, when the chickens just 40 weeks, the rooster will be replaced, but under the new feeding system of the cock, there is no reason to do so, the hen house rate won't be as chicken group gradually decreased with age, but showed a trend of rising. We heartfelt sigh, science and technology change life!

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